The Effects Of Parents And Family Communication On Teenage Sexual Activities

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Parents are men and women that come together to teach their child or children right and wrong in life. Parents play a big role in their children lifestyle and honestly it can affect the child’s future. As the child matures into a teenager they develop physically and mentally changes. One big fact a teenager faces is sex. Sex can be a very beautiful thing if taught correctly, but can also be very terrifying, especially if you do not know consequences about it. Parents often run away from the sex talk or just figure if the child takes a sex class they will comprehend better. They do not understand by taking the class it is more biology perspective than an emotional one. Another reason parents avoid this talk is because, they feel like their child is too young to understand what is happening. “To better understand the impact of parents and family communication on teenage sexual activities, research needs to consider both the content and quality of adult– youth communication.” This study used young women aged 19–29 years, who reflected on their premature growth, to collect independent data for evaluation related to family communication that was identified as influencing their youth romantic and sexual activities. The study used open-ended questions and inspired each participant to share their standpoints. Fliers were posted in the city family planning clinics and on university campuses. ” Recruitment fliers noted that the goal of the study was to explore positive and negative
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