The Effects Of Peat Land On The Environment, Politics, And Law And International Issues

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1. Introduction Nowadays, forest is the most renewable natural resources in the world. One of them is peat land. According to Wetlands International (2014, p. 1) shows the theory that “Peat land is wetlands with a thick organic soil layer (peat) made up from dead and decaying plant materials”. In Indonesia, it can be found in many places around the world. The peat land area spread through the Indonesian islands such as Riau, Sumatra and Kalimantan or Borneo. Hence, people should start to give their attention to peat lands because it is accumulating more carbon than tropical rainforests that directly be perceived by some neighbor countries near Indonesia. From this information, we can see that peat land has an important role in keeping gas emissions from human activity. This report elaborates the peat lands issue and examines the impact on economic, environment, politics and law and international issues. The investigations will be focusing on peat land problems in Indonesia. 2. Explanation of the Peat Land Fire Peat land in Indonesia performs a range of environmental and social functions. Equally important, peat land really useful sources for human, animal, and plant. It can be utilized as animal and plant host. For local people, peat land can provide vital resources and supplying clean waters. In fact, fires is not a something new in Indonesia, it also have long been utilized as a method as a part of cultivating and the consequent area administration, a weapon in social
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