The Effects Of Peer Feedback On Mba Students Rating Leadership Competence

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For this week’s assignment I found an article that is based on the transformative learning theory (Mezirow, 1991) analyzing the effect of peer feedback on MBA students rating there leadership competence over a six month period. Individuals in general perceive themselves as good managers in planning, monitoring, and time management. The problem presented in the leadership article is determining if there is a correlation between individual’s perception of their leadership competence and the view of their peers over a six month period. In addition the authors of this article wanted to see the gender differences between the reactions to peer feedback. In the ever changing environment of the business work place it is increasingly important to have a development program in order to make individuals aware of their competences. The purpose of this study is to inform individuals of their peers in order to help leaders work more effectively. In order to do these you will need to gather the research data and evaluate it giving you the ability to determine whether or not our research is worthwhile. Applying the concepts from this week’s reading we can evaluate the research asking the questions who, what, where, when, how and why. The first questions to ask is who, researchers, participants and the consumers being examined in this example. The researchers for this leadership article include four individuals that we conclude have no bias and consider competence. We can conclude

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