The Effects Of Peer Pressure On Children

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Teenagers feel peer pressure everyday in their lives, whether in school or out in the town. During teenage years, kids in school differentiate themselves from their parents. Not only do teenagers give in to peer pressure, but also come up with unintelligent ideas at school. Thinking and feeling that their ideas are worth a million dollars. One of my friends in my math class at Spanish Fork Junior High came up with a careless idea that ended very reckless causing someone to get injured. When your friends come up with a crazy idea you need to keep in mind that consequences can occur if you give into peer pressure. Peer pressure not only has negative consequences, but also can have positive outcomes as well. In ninth grade my friends were playing out in the fields throwing footballs at each other during lunch time. Next to us there were a couple of girls who were doing tricks on each other shoulders. They were on the Spanish Fork High School Drill Team, and that’s when Chris got the idea that we should all try to do what they were doing. I noticed some girls were doing flips from each others shoulders. Chris, who considered himself to be very strong and athletic thought that it was the coolest thing. He wanted me to get on his shoulders and do back flips off. I told him no several times. He kept insisting that I would be fine. Chris and my other friends were pressuring me to give in, I hesitated a while. I was not thinking of what could go wrong, instead I listened to Chris

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