The Effects Of Peer Pressure On My Life

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Friendship is a human born initiative that comes from within. In this world we are leaving in no one would want to be alone or isolated including me. Peer pressure in my life has had both negative and positive effects in my life when I was growing up from my adolescent age to teenage age until now are a grown up adult. During my adolescent years when peers were an important aspect in my life by shaping the way I would act and think in future I began to develop intimate friendship that was more elusive that was more constant than in my childhood time. In may ways this friendship was an essential component of my development that changed my reasoning and the way I see life today. This provided me with safe venues where I could explore my identity and also a safe heaven when I wanted someone to confine to in regard to my body changes and needs. I was on a notion that I belonged more to my age group than my pestering parents who were out to make my life miserable. Regardless of this my parents and other grown up adults became more concern when they started noticing my behavioral changes and my choice of friends. I thought that my parents were simply trying to be snoopy or trying to limit my space and at first this did not go down well with me. Although I hated been monitored like a toddler who depended on others to make decision for them as they could not make a reasonable decision on their own. My parents were very inquisitive lot who questioned my every friend and wanted to

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