The Effects Of Peer Pressure On Teens

1408 Words Oct 29th, 2014 6 Pages
Aimee Nicholson
Mrs. Lemieux, Instructor
English 10 CP P2
28 October, 2014
Do People Have the Natural Tendency to Fit In? Peer pressure not only influences teens, but everyone to make decisions for the better or worse. Everyone experiences peer pressure whether they give into it or not. There are two kinds of peer pressure: there is good peer pressure and bad peer pressure. Giving into peer pressure is all up to the victim and how strong their beliefs are. Some people feel that peer pressure can be avoided but peer pressure is everywhere and can affect many people whether they realize it or not by: everyday decisions influenced by others, friends pressuring someone to take risks, and also peers influencing someone to do things for the better, such as simply studying for a test or telling the truth. Even though people don’t always agree with what their future pressured choices are, peer pressure still gets the best of them. “Peers influence each other in a variety of ways. Normative influence is the way most often referred to as peer pressure. It causes people to engage in certain behaviors in order to be accepted by a group. In some cases, individuals do things they do not really approve of because they believe peers will reward them for joining in or punish them—reject or mock them—if they do not” (“Peer Pressure”). Most people cave into peer pressure to impress a group or to “fit- in” with people. It’s hard for someone to truly be themselves because others want to shape…
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