The Effects Of Peer Relationships On Behavioral And Social Development Essay

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The Effects of Peer Relationships on Behavioral and Social Development In the stage of early adolescent development, emotional and behavioral development is affected by a variety of experiences. A major aspect of adolescence is the influence of peer relationships. As a child grows older the effect of peer relationships becomes much greater. Peer relationships can consist of various aspects included being involved in bullying, involvement with problematic friends, and supportive peer relationships. Many researchers have explored this topic in various experiments. In particular, researchers have investigated the relationship of certain qualities of peer relationships with behavioral school engagement and emotional development. This is a very intriguing topic of discussion because of the amount of factors that can affect the relationships of adolescent emotional and behavioral development not just peer relations. This is why there must be many studies to determine if certain peer relations have a substantial effect on these aspects of development of adolescents. A major research question I am highly interested in exploring is the question of whether positive peer relationships can lead to more successful school engagement behavior and emotional development. A research article titled “Peer Relationships as a context for the development of school engagement during early adolescence” explores the “link between peer relationships and behavioral and emotional school engagement
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