The Effects Of Pertussis On Infants Under The Age Of One Essay

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This study focuses on pertussis affecting infants under the age of one in Bell County. As mentioned earlier, pertussis is given to infants at the age of two, four and six months (Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 2015). Even though, a number of the infants acquire this immunization, their immunity still lacks. In 2012, there was a report of 21 confirmed cases in the local area of pertussis and 20 that were unconfirmed (Fort Hood Sentinel, 2012). There was a confirmation that pertussis was seen in children under the age of one. Additionally, doctors have made it clear that the infants that contracted pertussis at a younger age are at risk for respiratory compromise (Fort Hood Sentinel, 2012). Pertussis has been described as an upper respiratory disease in which 10-12 days later the child develops this whopping cough.
In Bell County, the doctors recommended immediate notification if an infant is affected so treatment can promptly begin. It is significant to understand that pertussis can kill the infants which is the reason why vaccination among the adults and children is imperative. Of course, the infant can obtain immunized for pertussis and sometimes the immunity is not guaranteed for the infant. Every Child by Two (2015) states that 90% of deaths for children under one is related to pertussis. Additionally, among half of those infants required hospitalization for their condition. According to the CDC, children who do not acquire their five doses of
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