The Effects Of Pesticides On Our Lives

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As a poor child living in Mexico, it has always been a norm to work in the crop fields. Due to the family financial issues, I would apply and take any job that was available during the seasons. Exactly three years ago I experienced an event that changed the course of my life. On April fourth of two thousand and thirteen, I was accepted for a job that paid one of the highest wages in the fields. As a sixteen-year-old working on the strawberry field spraying pesticides on the crops, I was excited to be able to support my family with money and provide food. A month had passed from the initial day I started working and I noticed that the pesticides were stronger than usual. Pesticides are a substance used for destroying insects or other organisms harmful to cultivated plants or to animals. I felt really great working because I knew I was helping increase food production, increase the profits, and was preventing diseases. As I continued to work, I decided to take a break and bathe the pesticides off of me along the river. When I approach the river a stench appeared to be flowing in the air. Then I noticed that the river had an enormous amount of dead fishes along the river bank. I decided to ignore the fish and got in the river. The water was not the same, it did not have a cool fresh feeling to it. As I submerged my body in the water I felt the cuts on my shoulders, which were created from carrying the pesticides tank, start burning. When I walked out of the river I noticed
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