The Effects Of Pesticides On The Human Body

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Food is one of the most essential things that the human body needs in order to function and coordinate to its fullest potential. There are many sources of food and while some people choose to have different dietary lifestyles, majority of them gather their food from different grocery stores, farmers markets, and/or personal cultivations. Diet plays a major role when it comes to food choices and today there are more food choices than ever before. The variety of choices can sometimes confuse the consumer in the choosing the healthiest product. However, the recent introduction of organic products seems like the right alternative to the high processing meats and high doses of pesticides in conventional fruit and vegetables. Yet, these products will cost up to three times more than regular products. Over the past couple of years the public has become more aware of the dangers and consequences that pesticides do to the body. Pesticides have been used on crops and land in order to prevent damage to the production of crops. While pesticide usage is nothing new to the public, the evolution of such has made almost impossible for the standard human to understand the complexity of the chemical bonds. The continuous adaptations of pest to the chemical composition of the pesticides have increased the need for stronger and complex chemical bonds. Unfortunately for the public the stronger the pesticide the higher the odds that it will remain in the food that is delivered at local stores or
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