The Effects Of Phosphorus On The Great Lake

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History of the Phosphorus Issue in the Great Lake
Back to the history, the eutrophication problem was first time concerned by public on Great lakes at the 1960s, the Lake Erie was covered by algae as a result of over dumped phosphorus from the sewage and other waste water, at that time, the Lake Erie was known as the “Dead Sea of North America”(Fitzpatrick, J. J., and Di Toro 1999). The reason cause this problem can be concluded in 2 points, 1. the stresses of overfishing, 2. development of phosphorus-based detergents. At the end of 1960, the Canada and the United States have realized the penetrance of this problem and finally sit on the table to sign an agreement that limiting phosphorus dumps to the Lake Erie, and plan to control existing unstoppable algal growth. Because of the awareness of Canada and US government, the concentration of phosphorus got a significant success. And this problem happened again during the 1990s, but this time the reason why this happen is more complexly.

The management of the runoff nutrients and phosphorus in North America
Source control
Although scientists have explain eutrophication can be first recognized at thousand years ago, but eutrophication has become serious and well known as a significant problem was actually at the 1940s, along with growth of the population, and extend of the farm field. The first fact trigger to eutrophication can be concluded as urbanization. At that time, most of the treated or untreated sewage was directly
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