The Effects Of Physical Abuse On Children

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Abuse is mistreating which is experienced by adults. This may include violating a person’s civil rights as well as their person’s human. Any abuse may be different from each other and this includes treating somebody in a bad way by either physically harming them or psychological harming them. There are many types of abuse which may be experienced by adults. These include physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional or psychological abuse, neglect or acts of omission, exploitation/financial, discriminatory, institutional, bullying, self-harm and domestic violence or abuse. Physical abuse Physical abuse is a type of abuse which may be experienced by adults. Physical abuse is when a person aims to harm another person by using physical actions. Examples of physical abuse can include hitting, slapping, kicking and pushing. These can be seen as a form of bullying. Physical abuse may take place in a health and social care by a staff that has suddenly became angry with the person they are looking after due to the person making it extremely difficult for the staff to do their duty. Also, a patient may show physical abuse to the staff if they feel that they want to get revenge. Physical abuse can lead to a person to have either bruises or sore skin. Another type of physical abuse in a health and social care setting may include a staff trying to give a medication to a patient and the patient refuses as they do not like the taste of the medication and when the staff forcing to put the
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