The Effects Of Physical Abuse On Children 's Lives

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“Wah, wah, wahh!” Imagine hearing the sound of a leather belt being brutally struck against the back-side of five-year old boy whose mother grew impatient with his “playful ways” The ruthless actions of a parent can be traumatizing to a young toddler that barely knows right from wrong. More action should be taken to prohibit more disruption in children 's lives. Physical abuse can leave numerous of careless scars on the body which can lead to permanent damage. Parenting is everything to the development of a child’s life especially as they grow, learning what they are taught from home, school, and every day surroundings. When it comes to discipline many people are subjective towards where the line is drawn. Discipline easily becomes abuse when it leads to injury or any harm of their life. As children grow they are not able to make the best decisions on their own so most of their actions are acted upon what surrounds them and what they are taught. When you’re raising children it is your commitment to assist and guide them, not belittle and abuse them. Children shouldn’t be punished because many parents can be selfish or obtain cold hearted characteristics. For instance, Parents are fully responsible for their child’s life and causing harm or mental damage to a child’s life they should be held responsible and punished for their mistreatment. Later down in life as years past their relationship with their parents causes a form of distance. Their communication and
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