The Effects Of Physical Activity On Childhood Obesity

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To what extent does physical activity play a role in childhood obesity? Eduardo San Jorge 2723761 DIE 4564 Abstract Obesity has grown exponentially worldwide over the last 20 years and is an increasing global epidemic. Overweight and obesity are most evident and most likely to be problems in children, impacting both their physical and psychological development and overall health. Having excessive body fat is a characteristic of the obese and overweight population. Obesity development is multi-factorial and research hasn’t clearly determined the correlation between obesity and children. However, researchers do believe that high sugar intake, poor portion control, and decreased physical activity level play a huge role behind the trend. In a proper balance, the energy consumed equals the energy expended. The imbalance between excessive consumption and little to no physical activity in children contributes to childhood obesity. Researchers can agree that children should be considered the primary population for intervention strategies, because if we can treat this problem at a young age future complications can be completely avoided. This study was conducted to help clarify the connections between physical activity and the rising trend of obesity in children worldwide. The articles used in this study were all primary articles found using Pubmed and published between 2004 and 2014. The search terms that yielded 2,919 hits were childhood
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