The Effects Of Physical Activity On Health Behavior

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Physical activity is a well known health habit that successfully improves and maintains people 's health. In today 's’ society many people are aware of the idea that exercise is a critical item in their health but just choose not to participate in an activity where exercising is involved. I was one of those people. Now, I wrote was because I no longer am for the reason because of the health behavior was modified. I decided to modify my physical activity health behavior because of the increasement of knowledge after reading chapter 3 in the Health Psychology textbook. For example, in page 41 and in 43 it was stated that lack of exercise may not have sudden consequences, but it can determine chronic disease that may be developed at the age of 40 or 50 year old and what the person might ultimately die in adulthood. This idea scared me and therefore I decided to start with primary prevention towards exercise.
The three days of observation were eye openers for where I stood with physical activities. Yes, I exercised the first day, but I believe I unconsciously exercised that day since the assignment was in my head because in other circumstances I do not believe I would of gone to exercise. From my behavior during those three days I realized I was in the contemplation stage of the transtheoretical model of behavior change or the “getting ready” stage. Looking back I saw that I have actually been in this stage for the past two years and that is when I knew it was time for the next…
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