The Effects Of Physical And Psychological Stress On The Human Body

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Stress produces physical, mental, and emotional responses with in the human body. These responses can influence one, positive or negatively. Each response serves a purpose. Physical, mental, and emotional responses assist our human psyche to thrive and flourish. Physical response to stress is often overlooked but can have profound effects. These are not always negative but sometimes positive. They were meant to serve a purpose. However, studies show a correlation of the effects of physical and psychological stress can alter hormones. International Journal of General Medicine states “It is known that stressors of various types (psychological/physical) can alter the physiological levels of certain hormones, chemokines and cytokines. These alterations send information to the central nervous system to take necessary action which then sends messages to appropriate organs/tissues/cells to respond. These messages can either activate or suppress the immune system as needed and failure to compensate for this by the body can lead to serious health-related problems.” ( Griebel, pg. 1) This goes to show that stress does affect our bodies in physical ways. M.D. Goldberg writes, “Distress can lead to physical symptoms including headaches, upset stomach, elevated blood pressure, chest pain, and problems sleeping.” Previous studies and current research all continue to point out that our bodies physically respond to stress. When stress becomes more negative than positive it becomes

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