The Effects Of Physical Education On A Student 's Outlook And Desire

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The students in the researcher’s Physical Education classes come with a wide range of backgrounds and abilities. Some of the students are very athletic and are very eager to participate in class, some moderately so, and some are not very athletic and are not looking to participate. Regardless of the ability level of an individual student, it is the duty of a Physical Education instructor to promote and develop educated individuals who have the knowledge, skills, and confidence to enjoy a lifetime of physical activity.
Problem Statement
One of the researcher’s concerns is that a negative experience in Physical Education class will have a negative effect on a student’s outlook and desire to be physically active as an adult. The Surgeon
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If the researcher is able to increase all students’ levels of participation, this will significantly impact the desired goal of promoting lifelong learning of a healthy lifestyle through physical activity.
From general observations, the researcher noted that during tasks utilizing mixed ability levels, the most athletic students appeared to become frustrated and bored when grouped with students who were less capable; at the same time, less athletic students were not as confident in their ability when grouped with more highly skilled students and also became frustrated and gave up. The researcher heard many repetitions of the following statements from students in these groups: “Can I go to the nurse”? “I forgot my clothes”! “Can I sit out today”? “Can we have subs”?
Research Question
The researcher also noted that when students grouped themselves according to their ability level during times of free play, they appeared to feel more comfortable than when they were grouped according to mixed ability levels during class. This caused the researcher to ask the questions: What if the students were grouped based on like ability levels during structured class activities? Would it improve the participation, attitude, and overall enjoyment levels of
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