The Effects Of Physical Education On Schools

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Over many decades physical education has been a source of debate in whether it is an essential asset to a schools curriculum. With a failing economy at hand the first subjects to be eradicated are music, drama, and physical education. Dr. Dudley Sargent, a pioneer in physical education at Harvard University, suggest otherwise. In his article, Physical Training as a Compulsory Subject, Sargent argues that physical education is not only beneficial to the individual but is a great asset to a schools curriculum because only nourishing the mind and not the body is not educating an individual to their full potential.
Highly populated cities, such as New York, began attracting hostility from the parents regarding the drops in the curriculum and what their children were being taught. Frustration exhibited by the parents caused the situation to be investigated. Results found that the teaching environments themselves were destructive to the student’s education. Poorly lighted rooms and improper ventilation systems in schools were common, with these environmental situations most students developed poor eye sight, poor hearing, or were too far from the teacher to understand the majority of the material being taught, resulting in reduced levels of education. After these discoveries more appropriate measures took place such as, medicinal treatment, more suitable learning environments, and special programs.
Many school systems view physical education as only a means for preparing
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