The Effects Of Physician Assisted Suicide On Patients And Other Involved Parties Essay

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Kami Freeman Dr. Joy McMurrin English 1010-13 21 November 2016 The Effects of Physician-Assisted Suicide on Patients and Other Involved Parties For anyone who has not seen the movie Me Before You, it starts off with a young man, William, who was paralyzed from the neck down. He wakes up miserable everyday with no desire to continue life. He has made arrangements to end his life through physician-assisted suicide. However, before he goes through with ending his life, his parents hire a young lady, Louisa, as his caregiver. Louisa finds out about William 's wish to die and does everything she can to change his mind. The two fall in love, making each other happy. Louisa helps William live life to the fullest, and yet he chooses to go on with his wish and ends his life. Physician-assisted suicide is the process of certain lethal medications being injected into a patient by a doctor that will end the patient 's life. When William made the decision to end his life by physician-assisted suicide, was he in the right mindset? Would the physician and those involved be charged for murder? And what kind of effects would it have on other people with similar disabilities? These three questions give focus to this discussion of physician-assisted suicide. Being in the right mindset is necessary to making correct decisions in life. For example, the decision to get married or the decision on what career path to take is always choices that we contemplate for long periods of time and we seek
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