The Effects Of Plastic Pollution On The Ocean

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Who would have known Alexander Parker’s incredible invention of plastic would turn into a worldwide catastrophe for our oceans and marine life? For many years now, all of Earth’s oceans have been harmed by plastic pollution. According to Miranda Wang, “right now, the ocean is actually a soup of plastic debris, and there’s nowhere you can go in the ocean where you wouldn’t be able to find plastic particles” (Wang and Yao 1:50). Careless people assume that since the ocean is so large, dumping plastic into it will never affect us. Each day a piece of plastic waste enters our oceans: “In 2015, engineer Jenna Jambeck at the University of Georgia and other researchers calculated that at least 3 million tons of tons of plastic trash are swept into the ocean from coasts ever year” (Barone). Plastic causes devastating effects on the oceans ecosystem and is hazardous on human life, but if everybody lends a hand there will no longer be polluted oceans and the sea life would be saved. The problem concerning plastic waste in our oceans is the deleterious effects it has on the oceans environment, marine life, and humans. Do you remember a day where you went for a stroll on the beach and never noticed a single piece of plastic? Nearly everyone will answer this question saying no. Beaches are covered with large plastic debris and millions of plastic particles that are taking place of the sand. Plastic is being washed ashore and swept into the ocean. Plastic enters the oceans in numerous
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