The Effects Of Plastic Surgery On South Korea

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“Kingdom of Plastic” is a fitting name for South Korea where one out of five women have admitted to having some sort of cosmetic surgery procedure. Most Asian countries, including South Korea, have very specific criterias for judging if a person is beautiful. Common beauty expectations for both males and females are high noses, big eyes, and narrow chins. Due to the nature of an Asian bone structure, it is highly unlikely that the previously mentioned beauty standards will occur naturally within a body. Many turn to the growing trend of plastic surgery to achieve an aesthetically pleasing face. South Korea is the world’s capital in plastic surgery, and people from all over the world, especially from other Asian countries, visit to receive cosmetic procedures.
In Gangnam, a very popular place for young people, there are days when I may see women with very similar features or even the same faces walk past me two or three times because of the same surgical procedures. I remember how I overheard a group of teenage girls my age talk about what they each need to “fix” with plastic surgery to become more beautiful; it was strange to see teenagers discuss very casually about life-changing surgeries that usually come with a high risk of faulty effects. I have seen several documentaries about ordinary plastic surgery patients who cannot live a normal life because of how their procedures turned out; a women had continuous, agonizing pain in her face and had to take seven to ten pills
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