The Effects Of Playing Games On The Classroom Essay

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When I was a teenager, I loved playing games and it was the common interest I shared with my friends. Yet our interest and enjoyment in gameplay did not always give us pleasant experiences. Playing games were considered to be waste of times and looked down upon by parents, school teachers, or even other students. When the events of game related social problems occurred, we had to overcome severe criticisms from the others. For example, in my middle school, one teacher criticized students for playing games and blamed them for dropping the average score of the class when my class ranked last in final exam. Some of the students questioned the logics for his regular derogation for the game. Rather than educative response or constructive conversation, they were confronted with the call to the teacher’s office and punishment of an apology letter after school. I was one of the students who had to write ten pages of apology letter. When I finally finished and went back home, I had a serious conversation with the parents about my friends and our interests in games. Even though playing games was my favorite activity, it was also a big cause of problems in my childhood. The fact that my mother does not know to this day that I was a ‘Star Craft’ representative of my middle school senior class for the student association tournament.
South Korea is well known for developing popular online games and its unique game culture such as the PC rooms and Pro-game leagues. The
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