The Effects Of Playing Video Games On Children

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Alternating feet and slamming them down on each stair, I make my way up to my apartment. The throbbing in my head seems to be in cadence with my every step. It has been one of those days, the kind of day that I want to start over but cannot. So instead I continue up the stairs to the comfort of my own home. Fiddling with the keys in the door just prolongs the process of me relaxing on the couch. But finally I am inside. The softness of the couch hugs my body. I surrender myself to it. It helps my mood but not enough. The stress of the day is still sitting on my shoulders. The only way to relieve this stress is to try and forget and what better way to do that than to play a video game. For as long as I can remember, playing video games has been my outlet to relieve stress. There is something about playing ‘Call of Duty’ and creeping through the battlefields, shooting up enemies, that is relaxing. My fingers, moving a thousand miles a minute, press every button while trying to stay alive. Some may argue that this is not a healthy way to de-stress but as with every thing in life there are positive and negative aspects to it. Playing video games can have both positive and negative effects on children.
One positive effect of video games is that it can increase a child’s fine motor ability. It can also improve their hand-eye coordination. Children who are playing these games have to move the controls while simultaneously pressing an array of buttons. This is a great activity for…
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