The Effects Of Police Brutality On Minority Communities

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The Effects of Police Brutality on Minority Communities
Police brutality thrives in the inner city regions where minority communities live and work. Police brutality is a crime punishable by law and is often instigated by law enforcement officers who are either racially biased or prone to authority abuse and violent (re)actions. Allegations abound concerning police brutality with police officers using unnecessary or excessive force, committing battery, conducting illegal body searches and bullying. Minority communities suffer most from the effects of police brutality because they have the least power and face detrimental consequences from law enforcement authorities.
The antagonism between minority communities and law enforcement agencies
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In all these cities, minority populations actually comprise the majority where Blacks and Hispanics rank high among these inner city inhabitants.
At the same time, the inner city is the nesting ground for criminal elements. Based on multiple surveys, inner city neighborhoods breed the most crime than any other area. As a result, law enforcement officers regularly patrol the inner city and target lower-class urban dwellers. The tough approach on crime in the cities is a backlash resulting from the spiraling crime concentrated in poorer colonies of racial minorities. The illegal drug trade, firearms trade and gangsterism that prevail in the inner city are some reasons that legitimize the police’s systematic clamping down on minority inner city residents.
“Police brutality, especially towards members of ethnic minorities, is widespread and severe, resulting in death in many cases. Although it is probably not ...due to official policy, it is undoubtedly able to occur so frequently because it is officially tolerated” (Sparks 1994). The police system conscientiously protects fellow officers from public prosecution as brutal police officers end up with reduced sentences and slighter penalties. In the classic Chad Holley case of March 2010, in which six officers of the Houston Police Department, kicked and beat to a pulp a fifteen year old juvenile

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