The Effects Of Pollution On A Natural Environment

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Introduction Pollution is a very wide-use term that means the introduction of contaminants that cause a negative change into a natural environment. It englobes all sort of contaminations such as air contaminants, water contaminants, solid contaminants on soil and a lot more. As we can see in the World Wild Life website, pollution is a very important issue he have and that we have to fix as soon as possible. There are even natural substances considered as pollutants once they exceed natural levels in a certain area. As we know, salt water can be found in most water reservoirs, and it provides a lot of ecosystems protection against bacteria but it can also be considered a pollutant if the salt levels on a water mas is higher than what it…show more content…
Methods In order to set up the experiment, twelve test tubes total were used; four of them were the control tubes, which had no algae solution contents. The reason for not adding algae is that the control tubes solutions are meant to be the starting point for comparison that has to stay the same throughout the length of the experiment. They are used to set up the blanks on the spectrophotometer (instrument used to measure the amount of light at a specific wavelength) for each of the remaining eight tube solutions. Each time a tube is read by the spectrophotometer, the instrument needs to be set blank in order to read the change between the control tubes (no growth) and the tubes with algae (unknown potential used growth). We have four different groups with different pollutant amounts and fertilizer in order to measure the change respect to the percentage. The control tubes were set up differently according to the table below. Negative Control tube Blank Tube 1 Blank Tube 2 Blank Tube 3 Blank Alga-Pro 10 ml 9 ml 8 ml 7 ml Pollutant 0 ml 1 ml 2 ml 3 ml Total Volume 10 ml 10 ml 10 ml 10 ml % Pollutant 0 % 10 % 20 % 30 % As we can see in the table above, the negative control tube blank has 100% of fertilizer and 0% of pollutant, tube 1 blank has 10% of pollutant, tube 2 blank has 20% of pollutant and tube 3 blank has 30% of pollutant, understanding that the percentage left is fertilizer. The other eight test tubes

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