The Effects Of Pollution On Our Planet

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The world we live in is constantly changing with the ways of pollution. How long is it going to be until people start to worry about the damage we are doing to our own home? Many people and families are being affected by pollution every single day. It can cause a variety of health problems that can possibly even lead to death. It’s extremely difficult for people to live in heavily polluted areas. The effects of pollution can sometimes last a lifetime. Not just on humans, but animals and plants too. All living things experience the same problems in these environments.The negative effects of pollution are endless. The water that we drink today is polluted with our own garbage. Not only does it affect the inside of our bodies, but the world around us. The decaying plastic can cause gas to produce and may even lead to random explosions.
Millions of living things are affected by pollution every single day. There are many simple ways to reduce the amount of pollution on our planet, and make it a healthier place. A wide variety of recycling facilities are being used by many people in many areas. This waste given by locals is being reused for many different things and is cutting down pollution, while also conserving energy. Pollution can also harm animals, not just humans or the ones living on land. Different kinds of pollution in different areas can spread into different animal habitats and environments. With pollution drastically increasing over time, it 's difficult to tell
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