The Effects Of Pollution On The Earth 's Water

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Over two thirds of Earth 's surface is covered by water; less than a third is taken up by land. As Earth 's population continues to grow, people are putting ever-increasing pressure on the planet 's water resources(Chris 1).Water pollution affects the entire biosphere – plants and organisms living in these bodies of water. In almost all cases the effect is damaging not only to individual species and population, but also to the natural biological communities(WIKI 1).The three acts which causes water pollution are when garbage is dumped into oceans,and causing oil spills while transporting crude oils,industrial waste dumped into oceans. The first reason to pollution is oil spills.An oil spill is the release of a liquid petroleum hydro carbonate into the oceans(wikipedia 1).For example,when oil is shipped,it is natural to cause oil spills.As oil can not be dissolved in water,oil forms thick sludge in water(“oil”).This suffocates fish,gets caught in the feathers of marine birds stopping them from flying.Blocking light from photosynthetic action from aquatic plants(“oil”).Oil spills may be due to release of crude oil from tankers,off shore platforms.Oil spills on sea’s take more damage than on land. This may lead to disastrous consequence for marine animals.When exposed to oil, adult fish may experience reduced growth, enlarged livers, changes in heart and respiration rates, fin erosion, and reproduction impairment(National 1).In addition to that it even impacts on human
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