The Effects Of Pollution On The Environment

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Our environment nowadays is becoming more polluted by the second. There are several types of pollution in the atmosphere: Air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution and many more. It is corroding away our trees and contaminating our water. People take no interest in looking after the environment because they cannot see the effects it is causing the earth. Pollution is becoming dangerously high and it is beginning to affect wildlife. Due to the water being contaminated, they have no safe drinking water. These high levels of pollution in the animals’ drinking water are causing the extinction of certain species, and it may be of a species that is already rare or have a scarce number of. Humans make land fill sites that pollute the air we breathe; we are damaging the environment without even realising. Humans also litter smoke, start fires and let off very harmful gases into the atmosphere that are affecting us in our daily life. The gases that are given off by fires etc. is the cause f the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect is the harmful gases that are given off each day creating a dome over our atmosphere; the sun reflects off the inside of the dome and then gets trapped, causing global warming. More and more heat energy from the sun enters the ‘dome’ every day. Global warming is the cause of the melting of the polar ice caps, which is home to some of the world’s most well-known species: Penguins, polar bears etc. Acid rain is another cause of the
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