The Effects Of Polygamy On Children 's Life

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Polygamy has been around for hundreds of years and has evolved into a normal practice in some countries. No one actually knows the full origin of polygamy but it is most common in places where activity centred on farming which requires lots of manpower, Africa being a prime example. High levels of infant mortality may be a factor. When many children do not survive past the age of five a family needs more than one child-bearer to be economically viable. Then there is the chance of war, when a lot of men die, having more than one wife boosts the population the easiest. The more wives a man had the more military and political alliances he could forge. Wealth and status became determined in the number of wives a man had. A larger family became a source of pride. Polygamy exists in three specific forms. There is polygyny, which is where a man has multiple wives. Polyandry is another form of polygamy where a woman has multiple husbands. The last one is group marriage, where the family unit consists of multiple husbands and multiple wives. Anthropologists treat serial monogamy, in which divorce and remarriage occur, as a form of polygamy as it also establishes a series of households that continue to be tied by shared paternity and shared income. Ambiguity may arise when the broad term "polygamy" is used with reference to a specific form of polygamy. Additionally, different countries may or may not include all forms in their laws on polygamy. In relation to the…
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