The Effects Of Positive And Negative Police Relations

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The Effect of Positive and Negative Police-Community Relations
Anastasia Allen
American Public Community System

An understanding of police-community relations is crucial because both positive and negative police relations can greatly impact policing. Positive or negative police-community relations can result from a variety of factors including cooperation, race issues, corruption, fear or assurance of police, and violence. When the community and police relations are positive, the police better understand the community’s needs and the community is more inclined to report crimes and aid the police. When community and police relations are negative, the police do not understand the community’s needs which leads the pubic, especially those who experience high levels of crime, to feel that the police do more harm than good.
Throughout the 20th century there have been major issues relating to poor police-community relationships. In more recent years they have been numerous problems with the police-community relations that have led to difficult situations including the Rodney King beating and the 1992 LA riots, the Timothy Thomas shooting and the 2001 Cincinnati riots, as well as the more recent Michael Brown shooting and 2014 Ferguson riots. In all of these situations the police-community relationship was strained and after a ‘final straw’ event, rioting erupted to force a change. As seen with these examples, many of the most explosive events resulting from poor…
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