The Effects Of Post Traumatic Stress On Childhood Trauma

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While as a culture, we’ve brought to light many things that were formerly kept silent, the issue of childhood trauma is one that still remains under-explored, and under-represented. The pervasiveness of childhood physical and sexual abuse is something that many remain unaware of, despite the fact that the long-term effects of mistreatment are ones that remain with the victim for years after. Post traumatic stress is a disorder that has received more attention in recent years, as researchers and citizens alike have come to recognize the reality that wars, and natural disasters are far from the only causes of post traumatic stress disorder. While the treatments and diagnostic criteria for PTSD have evolved over the years to encompass more accurate and extensive symptoms, the diagnosis itself remains one that is more relevant for those who’ve experienced singular or infrequent traumatic events in early adulthood and beyond. Those who’ve been exposed to chronic and long-term abuse, particularly in the early formative years of life when the brain and its mechanisms are still developing, experience a wide-range of symptoms that the PTSD diagnosis does not encompass. It is for this reason, that extensive research has been done on the effects of chronic and long-term abuse. The definition of what is a traumatic event varies depending on the physiological and psychological response of the child to the stressor in their life. It is for this reason, that not every child who is
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