The Effects Of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder ( Ptsd )

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Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is unquestionably a debilitating disorder as stated in the earlier part of the paper emphasizing that PTSD diagnosed individuals are at higher risk for violent behaviour, undoubtedly affecting relationships and society as a whole. Additionally important to PTSD and violence is the increased likelihood for suicidal behaviour (Dell’Osso et al., 2009; Marshall, 2001; Oquendo et al., 2005; Poindexter, 2015; Tarrier & Picken, 2011). Suicidal behaviour can be defined as the formation of suicidal ideas, leading to planning the act, which may or may not lead to killing one’s self (Tarrier & Picken, 2011). Although suicide is no longer a criminal offence in Canada (Department of Justice, 2013), this study…show more content…
However, patients with major depression comorbid with PTSD and aggression had higher rates of suicidal behaviour than patients with major depression alone (Oquendo et al.), leading the reader to believe that aggression was the underlying factor of suicide. The results, nonetheless, were not statistically significant (Oquendo et al.). Aggression, on the other hand, was not a mediating factor for suicidal behaviour with patients that had independent diagnoses of PTSD and cluster B personality disorders (Oquendo et al.). Also important to note, the study pointed out that women were more likely to be diagnosed with major depression and PTSD than men, and that women who were diagnosed with PTSD had a higher probability of being abused. Two years later Oquendo et al. (2005) completed another study; their findings were more comprehensive. First, they measured the comorbidity of major depression with PTSD as they did in their previous study, and compared the results with individuals that had major depression and no PTSD. The study indicated that PTSD increased the risk for depression and that pre-existing depression influenced the symptomatology of a traumatic event. This meant that a person with PTSD has a higher risk of acquiring major depressive disorder, and as a result may experience the impact of a traumatic event with
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