The Effects Of Poverty And Student Achievement : Does Poverty Affect The Culture Of A School?

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The Effect of Poverty and Student Achievement: Does Poverty Affect the Culture of a School? Veronica Curtis, B.A, M.Ed Stony Brook University ABSTRACT Research Questions The following research questions guided this study. Research Question One According to the research literature, what effect does poverty have on academic performance? Research Question Two According to the research literature, what is the influence of behavior management strategies and the affect on student performance? Research Question Three According to the research literature, what impact does student behavior have on the culture and climate of a school? REVIEW OF RESEARCH LITERATURE Effects of Poverty and Academic Performance Poverty is a growing issue in the United States and the number of Americans living in poverty is rapidly increasing. Many studies have shown the correlation between academic achievement and the lack of recourses that are required for student success and research has documented the correlation between socioeconomic status and low achievement. However, many studies have not investigated the relationship between poverty and its contributions to the overall culture of a school. Research has identified the relationship between poverty and low academic performance. Misty Lacour and Laura D. Tissington (2011) researched the gaps in achievement among lower socioeconomic students as well as students who are economically advantaged.
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