The Effects Of Poverty Has Made Me Compassionate For Those Less Fortunate

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Feeling the impact of poverty has made me compassionate for those less fortunate. I was born and raised in a third world country, Viet Nam; my family was placed in the black book and the government determined our future because my father worked for an old regime. During the government reform period, I lost my childhood best friend due to a cut that got infected because her family was too poor to afford antibiotics. The following year, I almost lost my little brother to influenza that my parent had to sell almost every valuable we had in the house for the antiviral medication. These stories were two of many during my childhood; such experiences instilled in me the importance of taking care of others. Pharmacists are no longer those white-coated people standing behind the counter to count and fill prescriptions; rather, over decades rigorous pharmacy programs have enabled pharmacists to extend their wide knowledge of medicine to save lives and promote the health of their patients.

My family finally got our chance to come to America, but unfortunately, my father and my middle brother passed away in a horrific motor accident a year before we departed Viet Nam. After two years in the United States, my family moved to “the projects” of Dayton, Ohio; however, after few days in the projects, surrounded by prostitutes and drug dealers, it was clear to me that the only way to improve our lives was through hard work and education. I started to work various jobs at a very early
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