The Effects Of Poverty In The Media

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Poverty and homelessness can be found in every corner of the globe. Many people try to help those in third world countries by going on over-seas mission trips, and donating to organizations such as The Red Cross. However, many choose to turn a blind eye to the homeless and poverty-stricken population living in each city across the United States. By focusing on those who have taken advantage of others, some chose to believe that poor people deserve to be poor this is due to the way the media showcases those in poverty, the assumption that those in poverty are not working hard enough, and through negative stigmatism of government aid. The media plays a large role in shaping society’s view of the world and others involved in the society. There is a strong stigmatism on those living in poverty as displayed by the media. Many characters shown on TV that are homeless or living in poverty are portrayed as dirty, and tend to be represented as criminals. In the musical RENT, a show about a group of young people squatting in a poor apartment complex, we see the poverty-stricken characters fight disease brought on by unsavory behaviors, struggle with drug addiction, deal with tragic personal loss, and fight against the authoritarian power throughout the show. Like many shows with characters living in poverty there is a large emphasis on criminal activities and many taboo subjects that the characters are depicted as actively participating in. In other situation’s poorer people are
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