The Effects Of Poverty On The Health Of Populations Essay

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The Significance of Poverty
Poverty plays a big role in determining how well a person will live. Poverty affects almost half the world, in which over three billion of the world population “live on less than $2.50 a day” (Shah, 2013). Even if the $2.50 was exchanged to the currency rate of a given country, the amount will not be sufficient to live on. Poverty is so detrimental that “22,000 children under five still die each day” (UNICEF, 2010). Living in poverty reduces the quality of life to almost nothing, which no human being should ever have to experience. Compared to adults, children are most affected by poverty because they are more fragile. Poverty causes many deaths which will decrease the world population. Children are the future in this world. If more children begin to die from poverty, then there will be no future for the human race.
Causes and Impacts of Poverty on the Health of Populations
National Debt
Many third world countries have massive debt due to loans from international financial institutions such as World Bank and International Monetary Fund. The loans that these countries make are supposed to help them reduce their debt, but in some cases, they do not. According to Jubilee Debt Campaign, a charity who focuses on the liberation of poverty in third world countries by advancing education, “for every $1 received in grant aid, low income countries way $2.30 in debt service”. The extra $1.30 charge for the debt service can potentially put a country into debt

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