The Effects Of Poverty, Racism, And Alcohol Use On Mr. Younger 's Family

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Seyifa Jarso
Lit 112
Prof Virgen
November 25, 2015

Raisin in the Sun

A new study, based on censes figures from 1950 to 1980 shows that “the United States largest cities have growing concentration of black Americans living in property”. While the overall rate of property in the nation increased slightly in those years to about 13 percent in 1980, the number of people in property in the 50 cities jumped 12 percent at a time, when the cities were losing population. During this time the urban problems are getting worse at precisely the time the nation is doing less about them. Black living in property in major cities has become a big concern for many political scientists, who see the increasing isolation of the poor as perpetuating the cycle of unemployment broken families, and drug and alcohol use. In this essay I will discuss the impact of poverty, racism, and alcohol use in Mr. Younger’s family. The Youngers family is poor African American family living in a small apartment in Southside of Chicago. Their grandfather left behind some money, before he dies. When the play start, the family were about to receive an insurance check, that the grandfather leave behind. For the most part, everybody in the family has an idea as to what they would like to do with this money they received. Mr., Walter the oldest son of Mrs. Lena Younger wants to invest his father insurance money in a new liquor store. Walter says to his mother’s Lean, “Yeah. You see, this tittle liquor store we got…
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