The Effects Of Praise And Disruptive Behavior Essay

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Praise and Disruptive Behavior
Schelia Limon
October 2016

This paper will discuss the effects of praise on reducing disruptive behavior over a period of time. There is a clear behavior that is needing change, disruptive behavior, and we can change this behavior by implementing praise. The participant is a single subject whom is in the 2nd grade. We will examine whether praise can help reduce the disruptive behavior or if we will have to find another intervention to help reduce this disruptive behavior that is being displayed in the classroom.

Praise and Disruptive Behavior
Numerous studies have been conducted that look at using praise in order to decrease disruptive behaviors in the classroom. With my study I will look at the effects of using praise to reduce the disruptive behaviors of a 2nd grade student during class time. The three studies I have chosen to look at that use praise to decrease unwanted behaviors are a classroom teacher consultation model for increasing praise and decreasing disruptive behavior, positive attending to improve student behavior, and direct behavioral consultation. My first article looks at a classroom checkup that addresses the need for classroom-level support while minimizing treatment integrity problems which are common to school-based consultation (Reinke, Lewis-Palmer, & Merrell, 2008). My second article focuses on the teachers to improve student behavior in the classroom and this is
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