The Effects Of Pre Trial Release Programs

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Pre-Trial Release Programs lets individuals be released prior to trial with conditions. Some of these conditions are that you have to pay cash, wear an ankle bracelet while being on house arrest, be alcohol/drug tested, or even be watched/monitored. Pretrial release programs can be denied for capital offenses. The law allows release on personal recognizance of an unsecured appearance bond. “Common conditions: commercial surety, cash deposit, property bond, other secured bonds, supervision and additional requirements”. ( Electronic monitoring is authorized for any defendant eligible for release. A minimum of 500 dollars bond is required for failure to appear while on pretrial release. There are several different options that judicial officials have at the disposal when setting a defendants pretrial release conditions five basic conditions that a judge or magistrate may set, NC statute lists them in 15A-534(a). There is the first one which is the release on written promise to appear. This option basically allows the defendant to be released without paying any type of bond, as long as he promises to appear in court on his written court date. The second option is to release the defendant upon his execution of an unsecured appearance bond. An unsecured bond is one that is backed only by the integrity of the defendant. No assets or collateral is required to be posted on this type of bond. The
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