The Effects Of Pregnancy On A Woman 's Life Essay

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We all experience change and transitions which most of the times are not easy to handle because it is new to us. We tend to feel lost and caught up in misery when faced with unwanted stress or any difficult situation. In some cases, people get consumed with the negativity and get so stressed out resulting to depression.
Depression after giving birth or simply postpartum depression according to Nielsen, D. et al (2000) have been known to be prevalent. It affects not just the mother but the baby as well. It steals away happy moments that they should both be enjoying. It prevents a mother from being functional. The sad part is that it prevents the mother from being a mother to her baby.
Pregnancy is a gift and at the same time a life changing event. It is a wonderful yet risky and stressful event in a woman’s life. It comes with stress and pressure that only a pregnant woman and mothers can define and understand. It is the time when priorities change not because she wants to but because she needs to. Needless to say it is one of the major sacrifices that a woman can do.
It comes hand in hand with changes, pressure and humongous responsibilities. Her responsibility doesn’t stop the moment she gave birth, in fact it is just a start of a new and bigger ones. All these may sometimes overwhelm an unprepared and unsupported woman. It can be really stressful if not handled well and sometimes if a woman has to deal with it all by herself.
Most of the time people get over excited

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