The Effects Of Pregnancy On Children 's Development Of The Fetus

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Alli Gardner Mrs. Cook English IV 3/29/17 Teratogens Alarmingly, the number of women who make the dangerous decision to drink, smoke, or use drugs throughout their pregnancy is increasing daily. When an expecting mother uses a substance while pregnant, she poses a serious threat to both her health and her child’s. Alcohol, drugs, and tobacco each present specific health risks that run to the fetus and can affect the child in many different ways, which can all result in major complications throughout the child’s development and lifetime and can unfortunately, sometimes, lead to death. These substances are also known as teratogens, which are factors from the outside environment that can present health issues in the development of the…show more content…
Children born to smoking mothers, are more likely to be born more susceptible to “asthma, colic, and childhood obesity and even have a higher risk of suffering from SIDS, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, a condition where the baby suddenly dies and the cause is unknown” (Gunatilike). Each cigarette a mother smokes during her four terms, can negatively affect her child in many ways, and unfortunately, even lead to death. The development of the lungs and brain can be stunted if a mother uses a source of tobacco while pregnant, which also increases the risk of infection in the child’s future. One of the heartbreaking aspects to tobacco addiction is that while using this dangerous chemical, a using mother forgets or ignores that this could ruin her child’s life, or even end it. Even if a mother doesn’t use tobacco products herself, second hand smoke can transfer from the mother to the child which can lead to just as many negative effects as first hand smoke. The most common teratogen is alcohol and can lead to the serious defects solely because so many people in our country consume it so regularly due to its easy access. Many women believe small doses of alcohol in the beginning stages of their pregnancy is acceptable, and sometimes even healthy for the development of their child. However, every mother and
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