The Effects Of Prenatal And Postpartum Maternal Distress On Children 's Development

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Nature of the Problem
Does what happens to the mother prior to birth impact the development of the child after birth? Factors that affect the mother in the prenatal have a major negative impact on the child’s development.
Reviewer Comment
Prenatal development is crucial to a healthy birth for both the mother and the child. Three trimesters define major portions and milestones of prenatal development. The milestones of prenatal development begin with the germinal phase, followed by the embryonic phase, ending with the fetus stage. Global, cognitive, behavioral, socio-emotional, and psychomotor are five aspects of infant development which can be potentially impacted by external forces. A greater understanding of the effects of both prenatal and postpartum maternal distress on a larger scope of infant developmental conclusions is essential to prevention and early intervention strategies. A larger foundation for crucial strategies to build upon will lead to better treatment and more accurate prediction of potential outcomes of stress during pregnancy. An important strategy for the prevention of developmental problems is largely influenced by an increasing understanding of environmental influences on the neuroplasticity of the young brain. However, it also urges us to inspect earlier conditions in a child’s life that have not been adequately investigated yet. Physical stress can lead to major negative impacts on the child’s development. Teratogens are environmental
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