The Effects Of Previous Statements Of The Halitosis And The Genesis Of Malodour

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Is there any better way to define and classify halitosis? HUANG,WEI-TE

Although halitosis is a generally recognised social problem, there is no consensus on the definition and classification of it(1).This embarrassment leads to psychologic stress with repulsive impression and hinders a pleasant communication ,which are the situations that most people struggle to avoid. The genesis of malodour may stem from oral cavity itself or from extraoral sources(2), and the managements varies with the causative factors.If the problem is bad oral hygiene, the treatment will be oral hygiene
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Purulent tonsillitis for example may increase the bacteria accumulation in crypts of the tonsil and create malodor. Apart from this, malfunction of liver and kidney may results in ammonium-like breath, while diabetic patient may exhale “rotten-apples” smell attributing to accumulation of ketones(10).(Table2)(3)

In a special patient category, subjects imagine they have halitosis is called pseudo-halitosis(6).This disorder illustrates no evidence of halitosis by the clinical assessment, and often associates with psychological problem such as obsessive-compulsive disorders. A well-established personality disorder questionnaires is applicable to evaluate this syndrome.

As can be seen, halitosis can initiate from different odour sources, so an applicable definition and classification to improve diagnosis efficiency is essential.

Previous Definition & classification(1)
Halitosis has been formerly defined ,but none of the definitions have been universally accepted, and those previous definitions have
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