The Effects Of Procrastination On Your Life Essay

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“Think for a moment about the impact that procrastination is having in your life. Is it helping you achieve your life goals? Is it helping you improve who you are and helping you become more? On the other hand, maybe is it just making your entire life more complicated by not letting you release your full potential? ” (Smullin, 2012). Many people are unable to resist a temptation of delaying important tasks until it is too late, and there is actually no time to do something. This human being’s habit turns into procrastination. Philosophers associate procrastination with the Greek word akrasia- doing something against your better judgment (Surowiecki, 2010). Constantly putting off something that necessarily should be done is a problem that only has negative outcomes. Therefore, it is extremely essential to consider procrastination as a significant problem due to the complex process of overcoming through the barriers of it by creating favorable condition zone that is comfortable for your requirements and organizing a detailed timeline with peculiar deadlines, supported by self-rewarding in case of success and self-motivation of your very own will .
There are people who consider procrastination as a good thing and so they welcome it into their lives supposing it would favor them because initially they are less affected to stress and illnesses. However, in long-term it only makes their lives more complicated. Anderson, B., Middleton, M., and Llewellyn, S. (2013) claim that

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