The Effects Of Prozac And Its Effects On The Brain

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When we talk about medication and the different side effects, it makes you wonder why someone would risk their own health just for a medication. Although the drug I will be researching shows limited side effects and is something that many physician would recommend to their own patients. My reasons for choosing Prozac, is to learn more about the drug and how it helps individuals whom have depression. Another reasons for this, is to learn more about the side effects and how it can be a positive outlook for someone who have mental illness. Lastly, for the last few years I have been dealing with depression and I want to learn more about the different drugs option to help individuals control their depression
Prozac is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors antidepressant. In other words this drug is used to help with individuals whom have depression, anxiety etc. Prozac affects the chemicals in the brain that is associated with the following mental illness, depression, anxiety and obsessives’ compulsive disorder. Therefore, the drugs affect the chemical in the brain that causes unbalance and is the main cause for the mental illness mention above. The drugs main affect towards the mind and the body, is to provide there to be some form of balance and allow the individual who is taking the drug to calm down. According to Parker, “By altering the action of a specific set of neurotransmitters, chemicals involved in the transfer of signals from cell to cell in the central nervous

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