The Effects Of Ptsd On The Body

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When a person gets cut severe enough in the flesh, it leaves a scar. The scar is a permanent reminder of the circumstances surrounds the initial formation of the wound. Not all injuries are physical. Some are emotional, and they can also be mental. The effects of the trauma can be on the body or the mind. It all leaves a reminder as to what happened and how you felt when it happened. These physical or psychological/physical traumas can cause stress however with work and time will be able to overcome the damage of the injury. PTSD is a severe form of anxiety that affects a person so deeply that they cannot overcome the memories of the events that caused the distress to live a healthy life. These people are tormented by the circumstances…show more content…
When a person comes from a long line of mental illness and has a schizophrenia diagnosis, they are more likely to develop PTSD than say a girl who has ADHD. Even if the circumstances are different, a person 's mental state will have a significant role in whether the mind of the victim will be able to repair itself with the proper help. If a person is unable to find a secure place to revitalize and mentally process the occurrences. The living conditions of a person will play a substantial portion of the recovery road for any victim. An individual who has a supported environment and the proper therapy is less likely to develop PTSD than a homeless child who has no insurance or sanctuary. The general ability to receive the proper after care for the trauma is a significant portion of the recovery from injury. A person needs to have the essential physical and psychological care to be successful in their recovery from the life altering experience. Unfortunately, these are not easily available and nor are the easy to afford. The state run mental health clinics are underpaid and substandard. They also operate under a large umbrella of medical areas that are unrelated. Neurological, chemical, and Serious mental illness and are treated under the generic term, Behavioral health. This does include combat affected veterans. The use nurse practitioners are are given 15-20 minutes of treatment time every 90 days. They also have an emergency hot line that

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