The Effects Of Public School Foods On Childhood Obesity

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Public school foods have the most impact on childhood obesity, and the board has decided to set a plan to terminate this issue. Studies show that most teenagers are obese due to an improper balance of calories, and calories being burned. If this issue continues in the life of an adolescent, it can bring a great deal of diseases in the future. If studies have demonstrated anything is that obesity in America is an epidemic that starts at an early age. Consequently, there is a considerable amount of meticulous steps the board will take to achieve success. The health plan will bring tremendous beneficial results to children also society as a whole. Childhood obesity is one of the major health problems in America today, and it is rooted to unhealthy school nutrition. In the first place, an incorrect caloric balance is the obvious reason for obesity, but a conclusion can be made that this is tied in with terrible school nutrition. “In most cases (95%-99%), childhood obesity is caused by caloric imbalance, meaning more calories are consumed than are expended”, it is evident that children eat a portion of their meal at their school, and moreover resulting in bad nutrition choices(Faguy,2016,p.283). With the abundant amount of junk food in vending machines ranging from chips to sodas it is nearly impossible to eat healthy. The repetitive and fattening school lunch becomes a routine meal for the students, resulting in little to no real choice to eat healthy and pleasing. Additionally,
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