The Effects Of Punishment And The History Of Prison Development

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Introduction The desire and history of the correction system is necessary to recognize though we are trying to comprehend where the system stands today. The correction system today has appears to came long way from where it was countless years ago. This paper is going to discuss the history of punishment and the history of prison development. It will also discuss the Pennsylvania system and the Auburn system and how they compare. The final topic that will be discussed will be the impact and the involvement of prison labor overtime. The first experiences of punishment were severely barbarous and contained stuff such as pure torture beatings, marking and mutilation.” American…show more content…
Prisons in today’s world has come a long way since prisons in the past, they still need some work done to create them to be in a better habitat to stay in for inmates, however they still are improving from when prisons use to be. Prisons or jails in the past were common with the basic tolerant of what punishment was described earlier. Previous prisons were much sever and also committed with the punishment process from days long past. As of today’s jails or prisons appear a slightly more comfortable. Within the past prisons appeared to be lonesome and depressed, for inmates who had to live there, and with no structure or directions to pursue. The total of people who have been locked up has obviously risen since then; the total of people being locked up started to rise in America in the 1970s. This trend in American people ending up in jail or prison is continually rising as the years go by. As of 1999 and 2000, the rate of offenders incarcerated in federal prisons has sky rocketed by nine percent” between” that time frame. Before around two million people resided in state and federal prisons. During the last two decades the number of offenders in prison, on probation, or on parole has majorly increased to over six million. In the early 19th century the development of penitentiaries started to come into effect as a means to control deviant behavior, but this idea ended up
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