The Effects Of Racial Discrimination On The Police Force

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The beginning of The World Is Not Black and White explains the growth of each race and how it will affect the environment within the next 35 years. A surprisingly steep decline in the white population as well as the growth of Latinos is greatly anticipated. All this information was processed under the census projects and are some what accurate. When investigating any bias thoughts involved in the police force, two tests were set up, both from different perspectives. The media has handled the deaths of all races more often than usual and has lead to the conclusion that there is some sort of pattern (Sdler,2012). The pattern focuses on racial discrimination rather than actual violence.
Data held by the US Department of Justice and Bureau of justice states that African American minorities are often associated with crimes. However, shootings have been recently reported which confirms the US Departments claims. Aside from all these facts, treatment towards different races seems to be the issue. Another position used to counter attack this situation is how an officer must mentally and physically prepare themselves when dealing with armed people. One must be ready for any outcome. It is only for your benefit to prepare yourself when confronted by a black individual especially after reading the numbers of their involvement in incarceration (Sdler,2012). Both studies were considered to examine bias thoughts that were associated in shootings between African Americans or…
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