The Effects Of Racism In Italy

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Italy is one of the major countries of the Europe. It has flourished, even before the middle Ages. Nowadays, one of its cities, such as Milan is it’s even considered the center of fashion. However, every country has its flaws. Italy is also known for their racism, and how severe it is. That racism is mostly directed towards the African American people. The discrimination had started from the middle Ages. Most people think racism is not a major problem, since it doesn’t have a visible effect in political or governmental fields. The slavery of mostly foreign people in Italy, especially in Genoa, caused people nowadays to still have a racist mind, leading to problem in politics and sports.
Racism in the modern days is causing problems in many aspects of the modern society, like in politics and sports. In the September of 2013, there had been an incident when bananas were thrown at the minister of Italy called Cecile Kyenge. Cecile Kyenge was the first black-skinned minister of Italy. This incident had happened because of her
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Francesco Petrarch recorded in the late 1360s that there was a big population of various slaves at the harbor, ready for trade. (Montagna, The cities Venetia and Genoa took a very huge role in the Byzantine Empire because of the slave trading that occurred there. The slaves were from various regions, such as turkey, parts of central Asia, and some partd of Africa. (Montagna,, the captive slaves were also separated into groups according to their religion or their races. (McKee, This proves how Italy had separated the slaves according to various groups, according to their characteristics. This is also a start of racism for Italy. The slave trade had not been decreasing until the 15th century. (Montagna, However, racism still continues in modern day
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